Stressed by the  mess in your child’s room?  Don’t battle – reduce!  Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  Clothes – Reduce the number of clothes your child is directly responsible for.  One laundry basket full + one nicer outfit?  Remove the rest from the immediate environment and store.  What remains is a little over a week’s worth of clothes and underwear that fit better in drawers and closets with all that extra room!

2.  Toys – Reduce the number of toys your child is directly responsible for.  While sorting, look for categories that have open-ended uses and are developmentally appropriate.  An eight year-old girl example:  One bin of dress-up clothes + one bin of dolls and accessories + one bin of books.  The rest should find a home OUTSIDE of the bedroom.

3.  Maintenance – Store and label the remaining toys and clothes.  After a month or so, make time to “go shopping” through the stored items.  Rotate clothes.  Select different toys, as needed.  Things seems fresher when they have been out-of-sight.

Now when your child has clean clothes to put away, dirty laundry to pick-up off the floor, and/or toys to wrangle it is all more manageable!  Give it a try!

Do your kids put away their own clothes?  What is preventing it?